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Crocodile / alligator / crocodile
Crocodile / alligator / crocodile

Crocodile / alligator / crocodile

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In addition to the well-known Gluckigluck jug in fish shape, there is now also the Krokigluck in three different colors. The jug has a volume of approximately 1.2 liters and can therefore be used perfectly as a serving jug. At the same time, the jug can be used as a special decorative element and is perfect as a flower vase. Krokigluck is available in the colors sage green, dark green and light gray.

The jugs are made in the UK from ceramic and handmade by Wade Ceramics. In addition to a variety of color options, the jugs are also offered in a variety of sizes.

The jugs are food safe and certified.


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  • 1.2 liters