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1. Is this Gluckigluck the Original? 

You bet!!

We sell the Gluggle Jug by WADE that has been produced in England for more than 150 years! It is still produced sustainably in England today. Unlike its copies, the Gluckigluck gurgles and may be used for drinking. Only the original has its name stamped under the base - that's how you can double check!


2. What size shall I buy? 


Many customers ask themselves: do I want a teeny, medium or large Glucki? Here is some information that should help you decide:



The large Gluckigluck (XL) is by far our best seller. Approximately 75% of all pitchers sold have this XL size. It holds up to 1.2 litres, is about 27.5cm high and about 17cm wide at its widest side. The XL weighs 1.4 kg.

Once filled with water, the XL jug cannot be lifted by younger enthusiasts alone. It has a large belly, gurgles longer and deep. If it is used at the dinner table, there is no need to constantly refill it because it holds more liquid per se. 



The L size, i.e. medium-sized Gluckigluck (misleadingly called L) is intended for singles or older people or even for children who are not yet strong enough to lift the jug filled with liquid. The L Glucki is a little slimmer in shape. It holds 0.6 litres and is about 22cm high at its highest point. It weighs about 0.8 kg. It gurgles less deeply than the XL. It needs to be refilled more quickly. In the restaurant, the small Gluckigluck is also provided to the guest instead of a glass of water.



The Mini is approx. 9 cm high and approx. 5.5 cm wide at its widest point. It weighs approx. 100 gramm. It is ideal for cream, milk or small flowers to go with coffee, sugar, salt, pepper, sauces, etc. The mini is no bigger than a glass...but soooo cute!



3.Why doesn't my Glucki gurgle?

It is extremely rare for a Glucki not to gurgle. In order for it to gurgle, it has to be filled with water between the eye and the belly and you have to swing it back and forth. So just pretend to pour it in and then swing the fish back.

If there is still water above the eye, no air gets into the tail when pouring and the jug cannot gurgle. If there is too little water in the fish, there can be no play between water and air and then it won't gurgle either.

Don't forget: It gurgles when it rocks back and forth. That is the secret. Not only when you tip it out.

Does it work now?


4. A little part of the proceeds of each Gluckigluck goes to Syngap research

Part of the proceeds of each Gluckigluck will be spent on the elucidation and research of the SYNGAP1 gene. The role of the SYNGAP1 gene is to provide instructions for the production of a protein called "SYNGAP". This protein generally suppresses the level of brain activity. When there is not enough SYNGAP, the brain is usually more irritable. This explains why sufferers with changes in the Syngap1 gene have the typical problems, especially in areas such as learning, seizures, hyperactivity and sleep disorders. The proceeds will be used to support research. The donations will either go to or to a specific research project.

Here is some more information, which we have taken from the Wikipedia website.

If you have any questions, you can also write to the German Syngap Parents' Association: or